Virtune AB (Publ) (“Virtune”) receives approval of its EU Base Prospectus under the EU prospectus regulation for the issuance of crypto Exchange Traded Products (“ETP”)


Written by Virtune

Christopher Kock



Stockholm, 24 April 2023 - Virtune a fully regulated Swedish digital asset manager and crypto ETP issuer, is pleased to announce that it has received approval from the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA) on its EU Base Prospectus on 5th April. This milestone achievement gives Virtune the ability to admit to listing ETPs on regulated markets of stock exchanges throughout the European financial landscape.

Virtune is an innovative Swedish fintech company headquartered in Stockholm and strategically located on Kungsgatan, in the heart of the city's financial district. Since its inception, Virtune has been committed to enabling secure and seamless access to crypto investments available to everyone by lowering the barriers to entry.

The crypto market is still considered one of the fastest-growing asset class industries in the last decade, it has also been prone to a number of incidents affecting investors. As a result, Virtune has made a conscious effort to establish itself as a fully transparent and Swedish regulated entity in an industry where many players are still unregulated.

Virtune is embracing the rapid expansion of the crypto space, as the industry continues to evolve. Virtune firmly believes that the most attractive and sought-after investment products within the crypto space is using diversified products that provide exposure to multiple cryptocurrencies, decentralized finance tools like “staking”, and rules-based investment strategies.

Virtune's management team brings together a wealth of expertise, experience, and skills, essential to Virtune's next phase of its journey, including IPOs, Private Banking, entrepreneurship, data engineering, and Asset Management. The team comprises CEO and Co-founder Christopher Kock, CTO and Co-founder Peter Arvidsson, Client Director and Partner Henry M. Forelius, and CFO Daniel Lundberg, who together drive Virtune's mission of enabling secure and seamless access to the global crypto market.

With the approval of the Base Prospectus, Virtune is able to build and deliver innovative and intelligent investment products such as single asset crypto ETPs, Basket crypto ETPs and particularly crypto Index ETPs. Decentralized finance tools such as staking will also become a reality for the Nordic investor community who have been demanding such products. Virtune's ETPs are 100% physically backed at all times and can be presented structurally as similarly to an ETF.

Virtune is ready to launch its first ETP on the regulated market of Nasdaq Stockholm during the second quarter, which will allow investors to gain access and exposure to cryptocurrencies, using a proven and well established financial instrument, through their banks, brokers and savings platforms in a safe and secure manner.

Christopher Kock, CEO of Virtune: "This approval marks the beginning of the next chapter in Virtune's journey. We are thrilled to have become the first regulated crypto issuer in Sweden to be able to offer innovative and sought-after investment products to investors throughout the Nordic region and beyond. Our mission is clear: to pioneer and deliver innovative and accessible digital asset indices to help investors navigate the exciting, yet nascent but rapidly evolving world of crypto using our research and dedicated team. We are delighted to have finished the Swedish FSA application process in accordance with our timeplan. We recognise that the regulatory framework in Sweden has been supportive of such approved regulated investment companies, like Virtune, and we welcome its deliberation, a first in Sweden."

The Base Prospectus is made available electronically, subject to applicable securities’ European laws on the issuer’s website at

Virtune's commitment to maintain a safe and secure way to invest in the crypto market has been recognised with its status as a regulated financial institution by the Swedish FSA. The approval of the Base Prospectus is an important milestone in Virtune's journey to bring cryptocurrencies to a wider audience in a secure and regulated manner.

The approval of the Base Prospectus should not be understood as an endorsement by the Swedish FSA of the securities offered or admitted to trading on a regulated market. Potential investors should read the Base Prospectus and the relevant Final Terms before making an investment decision in order to understand the potential risks associated with the decision to invest in the securities.

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Stockholm on 24th April 2023

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Virtune with its headquarters in Stockholm, is a fully regulated Swedish digital asset manager and issuer of crypto exchange-traded products on regulated European exchanges.

With regulatory compliance, strategic collaborations with industry leaders and our skilled team, we provide investors on a global scale with access to innovative and sophisticated investment products that are aligned with the changing landscape of the global crypto market.