Virtune AB (Publ) has completed the monthly rebalancing for July 2023 of its Virtune Crypto Top 10 Index ETP, the first crypto index ETP in the Nordics


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Virtune AB (Publ)



Stockholm, August 4th, 2023 - Virtune AB (Publ) ("Virtune") announced today that it has finalized the monthly rebalancing for the Virtune Crypto Top 10 Index ETP, listed on Nasdaq Stockholm for both the SEK-denominated (ISIN code SE0020052207, ticker name VIR10SEK) and the EUR-denominated (ISIN code SE0020052215, ticker name VIR10EUR) ETP.

Allocation before rebalancing on 31st July:

  • Ethereum 40.27%

  • Bitcoin 38.41%

  • Polkadot 5.13%

  • Litecoin 4.95%

  • Chainlink 3.4%

  • Stellar 2.91%

  • Uniswap 2.65%

  • Bitcoin Cash 2.28%

Allocation after rebalancing on 31st July:

  • Bitcoin 40%

  • Ethereum 40%

  • Litecoin 4.53%

  • Polkadot 4.36%

  • Bitcoin Cash 3.18%

  • Chainlink 2.83%

  • Stellar 2.75%

  • Uniswap 2.31%

The rebalancing takes place according to the index that the ETP tracks, the Virtune Vinter Crypto Top 10 Index, and this is the third rebalancing since the product was listed on May 15th this year. The purpose of the frequent monthly rebalancing is to ensure that the ETP always reflects the current market conditions and to effectively absorb volatility in the cryptocurrency market.

The performance of Virtune Crypto Top 10 Index ETP for July resulted in -3.95% and +8.18% since its listing on May 15.

The two largest cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum, which constitute approximately 80% of the holdings in Virtune Crypto Top 10 Index ETP, showed negative performance in July. On the other hand, the three smaller holdings, Stellar, Uniswap, and Chainlink, which together make up less than 10% of the portfolio, demonstrated significant positive performance. This highlights the importance of having a diversified exposure to the cryptocurrency market.

The performance of the cryptocurrencies included in Virtune Crypto Top 10 Index ETP in July:

  • Stellar +45,45%

  • Uniswap +22,67%

  • Chainlink +22,38%

  • Ethereum -2,71%

  • Bitcoin -3,47%

  • Polkadot -3,78%

  • Bitcoin Cash -14,83%

  • Litecoin -16,22%

Virtune's crypto index ETP is the first of its kind in the Nordic region. The ETP includes up to 10 leading cryptocurrencies that are part of the Nasdaq Crypto Index, based on their total market value, with a maximum weight of 40% per cryptocurrency to promote diversification. This allows investors to benefit from broad exposure to the cryptocurrency market without being heavily concentrated in any single currency.

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