Virtune AB (Publ) (“Virtune”) receives approval as a new issuer on Nasdaq Stockholm for issuing crypto Exchange Traded Products (“ETPs”).


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Virtune AB (Publ)



Stockholm on 3rd May, 2023 - Virtune, a regulated digital asset manager and issuer of crypto Exchange Traded Products (“ETPs”)  based in Sweden, has successfully obtained approval from Nasdaq Stockholm to become a new issuer of crypto ETPs. Nasdaq Stockholm is known as one of the most prestigious stock exchanges in Europe, and Virtune has worked diligently on compliance, governance and company structure to meet its high standards. Furthermore, this will provide Virtune with a scalable foundation to create an internationally traded portfolio of ETPs in the near future. 

This achievement marks one of many significant milestones in Virtune's journey since its approval by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority on its EU Base Prospectus on April 5th. The launch of Virtune's first ETP on Nasdaq Stockholm is imminent, and this great accomplishment underscores its commitment to become a fully recognised, transparent and trusted issuer of crypto ETPs for institutional and retail investors across the Nordics.

Being an approved issuer on Nasdaq Stockholm gives Virtune's products a wide reach, providing investors across the Nordics prudent access to our innovative, sophisticated  and physically backed crypto ETPs.

Christopher Kock, CEO of Virtune:
“We are thrilled to announce that Virtune has been approved as an issuer by Nasdaq Stockholm. The process has been rigorous and fruitful, and we greatly appreciate the efforts made by Nasdaq Stockholm throughout this period. The approval from Nasdaq Stockholm also serves as a promising starting point for Virtune in terms of listing ETPs on other stock exchanges throughout Europe, as it attests to Virtune's ability to meet the high standards  of Nasdaq Stockholm in terms of compliance and governance but also meeting the requirement of issuing crypto ETPs being physically backed.”

In May, Virtune is set to launch its first and much awaited ETP which will be an index product designed to provide seamless access for investors in the Nordics to the leading cryptocurrencies representing up to 85% of the global crypto market.

Stockholm on 3rd May, 2023,

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Christopher Kock, CEO & member of the Board of Directors
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About Virtune AB (Publ)
Virtune with its headquarters in Stockholm, is a fully regulated Swedish digital asset manager and issuer of crypto exchange traded products on regulated European exchanges. With regulatory compliance, strategic collaborations with industry leaders and our skilled team, we provide investors on a global scale with access to innovative and sophisticated investment products that are aligned with the changing landscape of the global crypto market.