Virtune AB (Publ) is launching Virtune Staked Ethereum ETP SEK on Nasdaq Stockholm


Written by Virtune

Christopher Kock



Stockholm, August 9th, 2023 - Virtune, a Swedish regulated digital asset manager in Sweden is launching a new innovative staking ETP on Nasdaq Stockholm, the largest stock exchange in the Nordic region. Today, Virtune is announcing the introduction of Virtune Staked Ethereum ETP SEK, providing exposure to Ethereum combined with the benefits of staking.

The ETP which is 100% physically backed and fully collateralized is denominated in SEK for the Swedish audience and is available on Avanza and Nordnet. By including staking, this ETP provides investors with up to 5% in additional annual return on their ETP Ethereum investment.

Ethereum is currently the second largest cryptocurrency with a market cap of about $219 billion and the world's leading smart contract platform which can revolutionize the way we interact with technology and finance. With its robust ecosystem, Ethereum enables developers to build decentralized applications (dApps) that can reshape industries, eliminate middlemen, and bring greater transparency and efficiency to global systems. By engaging in Ethereum staking, you actively support the blockchain network and promote its decentralized nature.

This product caters to institutional investors as well as retail investors, serving the many people who support Ethereum already to improve and enhance their Ethereum investment even further. Virtune uses non-custodial staking meaning that the assets are being staked directly from cold storage, therefore there is no need to transfer the asset to any third party which is associated with risk.

Key Information about the product:

  • 1:1 exposure to Ethereum combined with staking providing up to 5% additional annual return

  • 100% physically backed

  • Non-custodial staking

  • 1.40% annual management fee

Virtune Staked Ethereum ETP SEK:

  • Full name: Virtune Staked Ethereum ETP SEK

  • Short name: Virtune Staked Ethereum SEK

  • Trading currency: SEK

  • First day of trading: Wednesday 9th of August

  • Ticker: VIRSETHS

  • ISIN: SE0020541639

Christopher Kock, CEO of Virtune: 
“We are very happy to introduce a 100% physically backed Ethereum product integrated with staking. In our view, this represents the most advantageous approach to gain exposure to Ethereum. There is a growing demand for Ethereum investment alternatives in the Nordics and by introducing this product to the market, we are able to cater to both institutional investors and retail investors. Our offering provides an innovative, secure, transparent, and regulated investment product listed on Nasdaq Stockholm, reinforced by the support of industry-leading service providers.
We have partnered with Coinbase as the custodian for our ETP-structure. It's worth highlighting that BlackRock, the world's largest asset manager, intends to utilize Coinbase for its renowned Spot Bitcoin ETF in the United States.”

If you are an institutional investor interested in exploring the potential of our current and upcoming ETPs for your discretionary asset management or wish to learn more about Virtune and our product offering, please feel free to contact us. Visit for more information, and register your email address on our website to receive updates on upcoming ETP launches and other news related to digital assets.

Press contact:
Christopher Kock, CEO Virtune AB (Publ)
+46 70 073 45 64

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