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Cardano is a blockchain platform striving to provide a more secure, transparent, and sustainable foundation for individuals and organizations to interact and transact on. One of Cardano's primary goals is to create a more fair and accessible economic infrastructure for the world's population.

Key Features of Cardano:

Reduced Energy Consumption

Cardano utilizes Ouroboros, an energy-efficient proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism, minimizing energy consumption.

Diverse dApps

Cardano's infrastructure supports a variety of dApps, from DeFi and gaming to NFT marketplaces.

Cardano's Architecture

By employing PoS, Cardano can efficiently handle transactions, reducing the need for complex node coordination. This results in lower costs and energy consumption compared to traditional Proof of Work (PoW) systems.

Benefits of Staking

Just like a bank gives you interest for keeping your money with them, staking gives you rewards in the form of additional cryptocurrency.

Passive Income:
Once you've staked your cryptocurrency, you can earn rewards without doing anything. This can be seen as a form of passive income.

Network Participation:
Staking plays a vital role in the network in order for a blockchain to work. The more people that participate in staking, the more secure the network become.

How does staking work in our product?

Cardano gets staked directly from cold-storage at our custodian Coinbase.

Staking rewards are paid out continuously in the form of new Cardano.

New Cardano is added continuously to the product, resulting in additional yield generated from staking being reflected in the ETP's price daily.

This results in Virtune Staked Cardano ETP providing exposure to Cardano with enhanced yield through staking.

Safety measures for you as an investor

Non-custodial staking

We utilize non-custodial staking, meaning we stake directly from cold-storage. This means under no circumstances do we transfer cryptocurrencies to a third party outside our control.

Collateral Agent

Virtune employs a Collateral Agent whose purpose is to protect and represent investors in our products. The cryptocurrencies held in cold storage (offline) at Coinbase are separate from Virtune's balance sheet.

Physically backed

Our product is 100% physically backed, meaning we always store Cardano at our custodian Coinbase at a value equivalent to at least 100% of the value of all our ETPs.


Virtune Staked Cardano ETP provides exposure to Cardano through a 100% physically backed and regulated investment product listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. Coinbase, the global leader in institutional custody solutions, serves as the custodian for securely storing Cardano in cold-storage.

Traded directly

This product allows you to expose yourself to Cardano in as straightforward a manner as trading a stock through your online broker. Your investment in Cardano is managed alongside your other securities investments. Additionally, the product can be held in your ISK (Investeringssparkonto) or capital insurance, potentially providing tax advantages.

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Last updated: 2024-07-19

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How to invest

Our products can be traded through a regular account with several online brokers.

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Product information
Virtune AB (Publ)
Product Statistics

Last updated : 2024-07-19

$714 837
Coinbase Custody Trust Company, LLC
Flow Traders B.V.
Flow Traders B.V
The Law Debenture Trust Corporation PLC
Formidium Corp.
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ExchangeExchange codeMarket MakerListing dateBloomberg code
Nasdaq StockholmVIRADAFlow Traders B.V.2024-05-15VIRADA
Historical Performance

Last updated : 2024-07-19

2024 7.47% -0.49%

Use Cases

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Frequently asked questions

Swedish company

Virtune is a Swedish company with Swedish owners and with its seat on Kungsgatan 26, Stockholm.

Trusted partners

Virtune cooperates with international and market-leading partners to create secure and innovative investment products.

Financial institution

Virtune is a financial institution registered with the Swedish FSA to manage and trade cryptocurrencies.

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We are Virtune

Our name, Virtune, is a combination of the words ”virtual” and ”fortune”. We strongly believe that the future of the crypto market holds exciting potential. Through traditional financial products traded on stock exchanges, we provide both institutional and retail investors with access to the world of crypto. This is the Virtune way.