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Staked Polygon gives you 2% extra annual yield on your Polygon investment.

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What is Polygon?

Polygon (formerly known as Matic Network) aims to address some of the most common issues with traditional blockchains like Ethereum, including scalability, transaction speed, and cost. By providing a multi-layered architecture supporting the development of diverse dApps, Polygon enables developers to create scalable and user-friendly applications without compromising on security. The core of Polygon's solution is its sidechains, running in parallel with the Ethereum main chain, enabling high-performance and cost-effective transactions.

Key Features of Polygon:

Enhancing Ethereum's Efficiency

Polygon MATIC optimizes Ethereum by increasing transaction speed and reducing costs through its Layer 2 solutions, making Ethereum scalable and more user-friendly.

Commitment to Eco-Friendliness

Polygon uses a Proof of Stake (PoS) mechanism which significantly cuts energy consumption compared to traditional Proof of Work (PoW) networks, promoting a greener blockchain ecosystem.

Economical Transaction Fees

Polygon ensures minimal transaction fees by processing operations on auxiliary chains, thereby economizing DeFi interactions and broadening accessibility.

Quick and Secure Crypto Transactions

With its PoS validators, Polygon guarantees fast and secure transactions, providing an efficient and reliable platform for developing scalable dApps.

Benefits of Staking

Just like a bank gives you interest for keeping your money with them, staking gives you rewards in the form of additional cryptocurrency.

Passive Income:
Once you've staked your cryptocurrency, you can earn rewards without doing anything. This can be seen as a form of passive income.

Network Participation:
Staking plays a vital role in the network in order for a blockchain to work. The more people that participate in staking, the more secure the network become

How does staking work in our product?

Polygon is staked directly from cold-storage at our custodian Coinbase.

Staking rewards are paid out continuously in the form of new Polygon

New Polygon is continually added to the product, resulting in the extra yield generated from staking being reflected in the ETP's price daily.

This leads to Virtune Staked Polygon ETP providing exposure to Polygon with enhanced yield through staking.

Physically backed

The products are always at least 100% physically backed with corresponding cryptocurrencies


Institutional security level through various security measures such as cold storage

Easy access

Easily accessible through your bank or broker without the need of a separate account

Traded directly

Always liquid and traded directly during stock exchange opening hours as any stock

Safety measures for you as an investor

Collateral Agent

Virtune employs a Collateral Agent whose purpose is to safeguard and represent investors in our products. The cryptocurrencies held in Cold Storage (offline) at Coinbase are segregated from Virtune's balance sheet.

Physically backed

Our product is 100% physically backed, meaning we always store Polygon at our custodian Coinbase at a value equivalent to at least 100% of the value of all our ETPs.


We stake a maximum of 70% of the Polygon holdings while 30% remains unstaked. This results in the product being freely tradeable without any lock-in period.

Physically backed

Our product is 100% physically backed, meaning that we always store Polygon with our custodian Coinbase in an amount equal to at least 100% of the value of all our ETPs.

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We are Virtune

Our name, Virtune, is a combination of the words ”virtual” and ”fortune”. We strongly believe that the future of the crypto market holds exciting potential. Through traditional financial products traded on stock exchanges, we provide both institutional and retail investors with access to the world of crypto. This is the Virtune way.

Use Cases

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Virtune Bitcoin ETP

Virtune Bitcoin ETP

The world's largest cryptocurrency

Store of value

1.49% annual management fee

Virtune Staked Ethereum ETP

Virtune Staked Ethereum ETP

The world's second largest cryptocurrency

Staking for improved return

Non-custodial staking for increased security

1,40% annual management fee

Virtune Crypto Top 10 Index ETP

Virtune Crypto Top 10 Index ETP

Broad exposure to up to 10 leading cryptocurrencies

Rules-based index strategy

Monthly rebalancing to reflect current market conditions

1,95% annual management fee

Virtune Chainlink ETP

Virtune Chainlink ETP

Chainlink collaborates with world-leading financial institutions

Connects traditional finance with crypto

1.49% annual management fee

Virtune Staked Polkadot ETP

Virtune Staked Polkadot ETP

Connecting blockchains together

4% additional annual return through staking

Non-custodial staking for increased security

1.49% annual management fee

Virtune Arbitrum ETP

Virtune Arbitrum ETP

Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum

Enhances Ethereum's smart contract efficiency

1,95% annual management fee

Virtune Solana ETP

Virtune Solana ETP

Manages thousands of transactions per second

3% additional annual return through staking

Non-custodial staking for increased security

Virtune Cardano ETP

Virtune Cardano ETP

Empowering easy global financial transactions

2% extra annual return through staking

Non-custodial staking for extra increased security

Frequently asked questions

Broad crypto exposure

Virtune's products offer rule-based investment strategies and yield generated crypto expose through staking in a simple and secure way.

Swedish company

Virtune is a Swedish company with Swedish owners and with its seat on Kungsgatan 26, Stockholm.

Trusted partners

Virtune cooperates with international and market-leading partners to create secure and innovative investment products.

Financial institution

Virtune is a financial institution registered with the Swedish FSA to manage and trade cryptocurrencies.

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