Sustainability is an important part of our business

At Virtune, sustainability is a crucial factor for us, and we strive to align our business strategy with sustainability efforts. In a world where the digital economy is rapidly evolving, we are determined to lead the way in offering environmentally responsible and climate-compensated exchange traded crypto products.

Virtune's vision is clear: to revolutionize the crypto landscape by integrating sustainability and climate-related issues into every aspect of our business. We understand the pressing challenges of environmental impact and energy consumption associated with certain cryptocurrencies. That's why we have made it our mission not only to provide innovative and sophisticated crypto products but also to minimize the environmental footprint of our operations and products.

Certification - Sustainability in the Financial Industry

Virtune sets high standards for all its executive team members in terms of competence and knowledge regarding sustainability-related issues. Therefore, Virtune has chosen Finanskompetens as the provider of the certification below, which all executive team members undergo at the beginning of their employment:

Certification - Sustainability in the Financial Industry

The goal of the above certification is to create awareness and make Virtune's executive team members aware of the activities required to achieve a transition to a sustainable future. To efficiently achieve this transition, knowledge of regulations and climate goals, initiatives, and a commitment from all employees to make the company more sustainable are necessary, which Virtune always strives for.

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Climate projects

Virtune collaborates with ClimatePartner for our climate compensating efforts. We offset 100% of our Bitcoin-related emissions through investments in a diversified portfolio of projects within nature-based solutions, social impact and renewable energy. These projects are aligned with United Nationโ€™s 17 Sustainable Development Goals and meet, among other standards, The Gold Standard and The Verified Carbon Standard.

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Nature based solutionsRenewable energiesAsia (continent-wide)
Nature based solutionsWind energyChile
Renewable energiesemPOWERing (renewable energy)Africa (contentwide)